Classic Cars

The Truth about Vintage Cars

By October 4, 2020No Comments

Owning a classic car is not only a hobby but an investment too. There are only a few cars across the world that qualify as classic cars. Just because it’s an old car does not qualify it to be a classic car.

There are many myths and misconceptions that do not reflect the truth of classic cars. Here we break down the truth in simple terms that you will all understand.

  • Classics are small cars. Most vintage cars allow only 2 or 3 passengers. They are not as big as today’s SUVs that take up to 4 or 5 passengers.
  • Don’t expect too much comfort. It’s a classic car not the newest BMW SUV, so don’t expect too much. The classics will still groan and moan as you go about your business. The tires can make some noise and you may smell fuel and oil especially when you speed up on the streets.
  • Classics are threatened by rust that easily kills them. Most classics do not survive these three enemies! These gems need a rust proofing coat that will keep your car in good condition.
  • Some classics are naturally slow. These beauties were built at a time when the roads allowed only a certain low speed. You may think that Ferrari 308 will bust off past a modern one, but you are wrong. Vintages are for people who want to cruise through life without rushing.

That said, the best advice we give is to choose the right classic car for you. Not because it’s an investment but because it’s serving you well!

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