Maintenance Tips for Vintage Cars

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The appeal of a vintage car quickly subsides should it not be well maintained.

But how should owners maintain them ?

Here are a few tips that most vintage owners strictly follow.

  • Always keep it clean. Vintages are always associated with cleanliness. Don’t allow dirt or dust to build up on your car, keep it clean all year round. Dirt and dust cause a lot of problems that most car owners do not know like chipped paint, impairment and rust. Wash your car clean and rinse the soap off well. Use a soft rag to dry it thoroughly instead of leaving it to dry on its own. This eliminates soap residues and water marks. You may use a wax layer to protect the paint and enhance the car’s beauty.
  • Don’t skip regular maintenance. Maintenance is what keeps the car in good condition. Repairs are expensive; it’s best to avoid them by all means. Maintenance helps you catch small issues before they become big problems.
  • Store your car properly. Especially during extreme weather – very cold, very hot or very humid, keep your car indoors. The cold causes mechanical problems, the heat fades the paint job and humidity causes it to rust.
  • Keep your vintage as original as possible. With classic cars, original is always the best. This is because you are preserving the value of your classic car. Do not use a modern spare part in a vintage car because it brings its value down.
  • Don’t make any modifications. Though this is very tempting, don’t fall for the temptation. If you want to maintain your car’s value, keep it in its original state. The value of a vintage car is determined by its original state.

If you keep your vintage car well maintained, you can actually increase its value without much to do!

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