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About Vinny’s Vintage Cars

At Vinny’s Vintage cars, we believe that class is permanent. We have spent our entire lives getting to know, understand and love vintage cars and have learned that their value transcends much appearance, nostalgia and even performance.

If you’re interested in learning about the benefits of owning and driving vintage cars, you’re in the right hands.

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We provide maintenance for a wide range of vintage cars. Maintenance is especially important for vintage cars as you want to avoid adding new parts to them at all times.


We are part of a wide network of vintage car enthusiasts. Should you wish to buy or sell a vintage car, we encourage you to get in touch and see how we can help you.

Car Hires

Some people would rather not take on the responsibility of owning a vintage car. Instead they would rather enjoy a car for the day before returning it to its owners. We facilitate this.

Trade Ins

Need to change up your vintage car experience? We would be delighted to value your current car and see what vintage car in our stock would be a refreshing replacement for you.

Some of our cars

A taste of the fine selection of vintage cars that we have in store.

September 29, 2020


September 29, 2020


September 29, 2020


September 29, 2020

Vintage Pink Car

What our customers have to say

“I came to Vinny’s Vintage Cars looking for advice on which classic car to buy. Vinny made sure I got all the knowledge I needed plus a powerful Mustang that I absolutely love driving!””

Keith DavisBirmingham

“I have always been a big fan of classic cars and my love for them became real at Vinny’s Vintage Cars. They were able to get me the classic Jaguar E type that I wanted for a long time.”

Karen CohenSurrey

“The team at Vinny's Vintage Cars managed to source me one sexy Aston Martin. It's red in colour, makes an incredible sound and has made me feel like James Bond behind the wheel!”

Marcos PradoLondon